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Tattoo Bella


Tattoo Bella

Tattoo Bella is a temporary metallic  tattoo company. I was apart of the original team from pre-launch to launching in 2014.

As 1 of the 4-person team, I wore many hats. I was the Photographer, Art Director, Web Designer, Packaging Designer,  Graphic Designer, and Social Media Coordinator.

This was a great learning experience where I had the opportunity to be creative in so many different ways at the same time. 


My Role:
Website Design
Packaging Design
Print Design

Work  for:




Photography was extremely important for Tattoo Bella to showcase the products as well as attract consumers to the lifestyle. I was in charge of directing, photographing, and retouching all imagesWith a limited amount of resource and time, these images were used across all channels including Tattoo Bella's website, trade shows, social media, promotional items, and line sheets for sales. 


E-commerce Website


As we were still figuring out the logo, designs for the tattoos and packaging, I helped create a landing page to help Tattoo Bella start its web presence. 

As we were hitting more milestones, the website also continued to grow with more content. I designed the UX/UI as my team members figured out the copy. Once we were ready to set up an e-commerce, I helped connect our site to necessary APIs. 



Tattoo & Packaging Design


Along with another team member, I helped design some metallic tattoos for Tattoo Bella. 

For Tattoo Bella's packaging, I was responsible for every iteration and collection we had. I made sure every packaging was designed for production. To ensure production quality, I was continually communicating with the manufacturers oversea every step along the way.