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HER series

HER is a series of accessories for women to bring awareness to street harassment


HER is a series of accessories for women to bring awareness to street harassment

Street harassment is an issue many women face on a daily basis and can result in extreme acts of violence like rape and murder. This is an issue many people avoid discussing. In order to create change, we must bring awareness to it.

HER is a series of accessories for women to bring awareness to street harassment. 


My Role:
User Testing


HER Series

Second of the series is HER Stare, a reversible glow-in-the-dark hoodie scarf with a pair of eyes on the hood. It perceives as if she is watching you as you are watching her both day and night.

First of the series is HER Camouflage, a cross-body bag that can be worn to the back or to the front under a shirt to perceive as if she is pregnant.

Diving Into The Problem

I conducted a survey with over 120 surveys women around street harassment. I synthesized my learning by creating a series of infographics.  Zones "Leering, honking, and whistling" and "sexist and sexually explicit comments, kissing noises" are gateways to more serious types of harassments including sexual assault. 

HER is designed to focus on these two zones to help decrease the chances of more severe cases of street harassment. I began researching different types of defense mechanism, particularly camouflaging and empowerment.

Material Exploration and Prototyping


From constant prototyping, I explored the concept with different materials and production methods.


User Testing


I had 5 different women user test the bag throughout the course of a day wearing it under a shirt as well as a cross-body bag. After the user testings, I interviewed them to learn from their experiences.

My boss wondered whether I was really pregnant or not. I explained soon after that I wasn’t but was wearing a bag as a part of a project.
— Haruka
The restaurant was very crowded but people were being respectful and they avoided bumping into me.
— Helen
A man on the train offered me a seat thinking I was pregnant.
— Cindy

International Anti-Street Harassment Week
& Parsons Product Design Show


I was given the opportunity to speak about HER during 2012's International Anti-Street Harassment Week and showcase it at Parsons Product Design Show. HER has sparked my interest in women's rights and led me to campaign for Planned Parenthood as well as participate in women right's activist projects.