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Mindy Tom is a UX & Product Designer, Photographer, and Educator in NYC. 


I'm Mindy Tom, a Multidisciplinary Designer driven to understand and improve the world one day at a time through UX, industrial design, and photography.

I'm also known as a Design Founder at Google's Design Incubator, Parsons Alumna, and Organizer of XX+UX NYC's mentorship program coming Fall '16. 

When not designing, I'm found photographing, kicking on my penny board, or free-styling in a swimming pool. 

Let's do better together.
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My Creative Process


Ask Tough Questions. 
Research extensively through observations, user interviews, and market trends. 

Seek Opportunities.
Identify opportunities targeting user's pain points.

Trial & Error.
Test opportunities to see what worked and what didn't. Iterate.





Startup Weekend Education Challenge '16 –  
Best Design Award & Audience Choice Award

Empathy Jam '16 – 3rd Place Winner



My Inspirations


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